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Watermelon Philosophy


Watermelon Sharer – HD
Derek -Himself

Camera – Sal Yates, Geoff Gritten
Editor – Dave Zani

This really just unfolded naturally as you see it. We had been shooting during the day on the beaches and around Byron Bay, Australia for the Saturday Night Video, which, call me fanatical we were shooting on a Saturday night…. ( “Just to get the vibe right man ….”).  Now Byron,  a friendly place normally, is at its most chill on a Saturday night for sure. (You can hear the band playing at the 1/2 open air “Rails Hotel” pub, an iconic Byron pub build into a defunct train station with live music every night.)

We were all pretty toasted and giddy from a long day. I had finished saying something about going back into the local supermarket (Woolies) to the returns counter with the Watermelon I had just purchased from their (and I had just started eating),  to complain that it had been eaten. Then feeling too lazy to even walk over the parking lot to Woolies, I suggested that I would re set my task to be to get a passerby to eat the watermelon that I had been chomping,
and then there was Derek ….. right on cue !

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