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There’s A Glitch in My Software Oh Jesus

GLITCH (There’s a Glitch in my Software Oh Jesus)

Words and Music by Robert Grayson (C) 2016



Reverend Genni Kane – Lead Vocal

Reverend Mike Kerin – Lead Vocal

Reverend Ian Simpson – Guitar

Reverend John Kane – Claw Hammer Banjo

Reverend Michael Vidale – Bass

Reverend Mark Walmsley – Keyboards

Reverend Bob – Snare and Sock Box


Mark Walmsley – Engineer/Mixer



Chris Liddell – Camera

Mark Walmsley. H.D.  – Additional Camera

Dave Zani – Editor

Produced by Hanuman Dass for Funky Monkey Productions(c)2016

There's A Glitch in My Software Oh Jesus (R. Grayson)

Well Jeeeez….. If memory serves, I wrote this song shortly after computers were invented. It was meant to be a bit of fun about how all those blue grass songs have a tendency to be either very dramatic or very silly – so ya got a bit of both here. I finally got around to doing a demo back in the 90’s with Simo (might pop it up on the downloads tab for a laugh) but then it was laid to rust…. that is until the Kangaroo Valley sessions where I had the Flying Emus ( the very folks I had envisioned doing it with in the first place) take up their bibles and sing.

Now seeing as how was had such good players on hand, the type that can handle their amplitude without attitude (or electronical intervention), we got the notion (and then in turn decided) to get right cosy and record old-timey style all around the one single microphone. Hallelujah !!!

***** SONG RECORDED @ A=432 hz *****

There's A Glitch in My Software Oh Jesus (R. Grayson)

There's A Glitch in My Software Oh Jesus (R. Grayson)

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