So whaddya think?

The Wisdom of Parry Cocopez


VOICES –  (Juan Tanamera and Lenny Lipshitz)
by Hanuman Dass

ANIMATION – by Geoffrey Stapleton


I met Geoffrey in the dubious inner city location of Darlinghurst NSW in the 80’s. So deep was Geoffrey’s wisdom that we came to call him Guru Geoff. For it was he would say with a glass of whiskey in hand on his arrival at 11 am sound check – “Ya got ta pace yourselves lads.”

In fact Guru Geoff’s Motto: “having fun is half the fun” is something I have taken to heart,  pretty much live my life by and has been a big inspiration for this very website.

Inspired by a animated cartoon series voiced by Arj Barker (Arj and Poopy), Geoff approached me to rave like a lunatic into my iphone in whatever accents came to mind and he would cut it up to make me sound intelligent.
(Geoff ….. we need to talk)

Anyway …. enjoy !

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