So whaddya think?



Composed by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter




Hanuman Dass – Lead Vocal/ Guitar

Genni Kane – Backing Vocal

Mike Kerin -Fiddle

Ian Simpson – Guitar

John Kane – Banjo

Michael Vidale – Bass

Mark Walmsley – Keyboard


Mark Walmsley – Engineer/Mixer



Zia “Babyface” Liddel –  Card Shark Kid

Braveheart (Ian’s Bantam) – Card Shark Chicken

Woody – as Himself

Chris Liddell – Camera

Ian Simpson – Chicken Cam

Chris and Hanuman – “Not-Quite-Kosher-Casino Cam”

Dave Zani – Video Editor

Produced by Hanuman Dass for Funky Monkey Productions (c) 2016

Deal (Hunter/Garcia)

This was recorded as part of the Kangaroo Valley Sessions w the Flying Emus.

***** SONG RECORDED @ A=432 hz *****

Deal (Hunter/Garcia)

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