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  1. David Lynch:

    Any time a classic Dead song is rearranged to include banjo, I’m happy!

Brokedown Palace

Brokedown Palace
Written by Jerome J. Garcia, Robert C. Hunter
Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


Genni Kane – Lead Vocal
Mike Kerin – Lead Vocal
Ian Simpson – Acoustic Guitar
John Kane – Claw Hammer Banjo
Michael Vidale – Bass
Mark Walmsley – Keyboards


Mark Walmsley – Engineer/Mixer


Chris Liddell – Camera
Mark Walmsley, HD  – Additional Camera
Dave Zani – Editor

Produced by Hanuman Dass
for Funky Monkey Productions (c)2016

Everyone Helps …
All praise and gratitude to Great Spirit always.

Brokedown Palace (Hunter/Garcia)

This was recorded during the Kangaroo Valley Sessions in NSW Australia April 21-23, 2015 with members of the Flying Emus (Genni Kane, John Kane, Michael Kerin, Ian Simpson, Michael Vidale, and Myself) and Mr. Mark Walmsley was there on Keys and Faders. Click here for more about the KANGAROO VALLEY SESSIONS.

I had a long list of song possibilities coming into the sessions with a solid mind to explore and bring to life at least one of the gorgeous and classic Hunter-Garcia ballads with the great story-singers here assembled. An additional favorable condition as I saw it was that besides myself, as of two week prior, had

    never heard this music before.

[@DEADHEADS – yeah…I know…crazy right …. anyway…]

I did not quite know which song, or how to approach it, but after chatting strategy briefly the night before with the team, I wound up sleeping in a bit on what was the second morning of the sessions. When I stepped into the studio they had beat me in by a good margin and were in their last run through before recording a version of Brokedown Palace they had worked up.
Mark hit red and what you hear is what happened next.

I think at the end I leapt off the coach in disbelief – Wow I love these musicians !!!

The footage in the video is of the Kangaroo Valley surrounds and was shot on my iphone on a morning walk up the hill from the recording studio.

Recording a song like this in a place like the kangaroo Valley? …. forget about it !!!
Bliss !

***** SONG RECORDED @ A=432 hz *****

Brokedown Palace (Hunter/Garcia)

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