Tunage: “Sonic Burritos” (Grateful Dead inspired tunes)

What is a Sonic Burrito you ask? At the start of the last FURTHUR tour I met a lovely man, named Om (or perhaps it was Aum or Peace ….or Fred ….. sorry … I was slightly stoned … ) and he was like so many lovely souls I have met while “trucking” with this Family. He responded to the music and the scene from his own gifts, in his case by making burritos full of his own love and care, and offering that forward.

They were of course remarkably delicious.

I ran into him again at the shows in Las Vegas. I asked him if the casino hassled him for selling right outside, and he replied, in so many words … “it’s cool… my foods good … and I’m saving lives out here …. ”.

Absolutely true statements.

These tracks are my response to the ongoing tie-dye conversation, my “Sonic Burritos” in gratitude to our beloved Grateful Dead extended family, who have saved my life on myriad occasion and brought me some of the greatest joys of my life as well, often at the same time.

I love you more than words can tell. – Please enjoy and have fun with these.

They are for you.

(would you like some hot sauce ? Jalapenos? Napkins ? )