A penny for my 2 scents?

So I am a bit of a spiritual slut as it were…. ( perhaps “eclectic” sounds better )… but you could say I’ve meditated around…..  and I have found it true that “once in while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at things right”. I plan to have some fun sharing in this section in time as I am able. For now there is content in the Tunage area and Fun-Nuggets area for your enjoyment. More content coming for this section, in God’s time”. xH

My Eclectic Path (preview)

In comparing different religions and traditions and subtracting the personal agendas of people who filtered the pure messages and maps given down by the enlighten being at the seed of that lineage – I came to see that they are all saying the exact same very simple things. FULL ARTICLE SOON COMING

Early Curiosities (preview)

From an early age I was interested in why I /we were here on earth, what our purpose was and was baffled that so many beings had a shoot first and ask questions later approach to life. As I felt that knowing that might be a reasonably important thing….  call me radical. FULL ARTICLE SOON COMING

A glitch in the software (preview)

Our defense structure in our brain was poorly made (fire that guy) or it “still evolving”. Either way the reptile part of our Brains (well for large majority of the planet)  has glitched in mass to where we now are on a cyclical diet of fear to make us feel “alive” rather than love and connection as originally designed which feels better, A lot better. FULL ARTICLE SOON COMING