Change for the better…

These folks and I are selling Jams on the honor system.

As I think about the topic of Conscious Commerce, I recall a few years back on an balmy night in Brooklyn a stand out comedic (and transparent) moment in a musical concert by the fabulous They Might Be Giants. This high note was hit in spoken word within their cryptic but hysterical message about how even ticket companies had grown in power to where they had become… like a “turd in the punch-bowl” of the event itself. [ …lord may I be well received enough in future to regret that remark….]

Anyway those were my words not theirs. Theirs was “A shit storm from hell” to be exact.

Great art is made by letter go of control to something higher than the self….. [Even Keith Richards said it ….. ok…. mumbled it…. ]

And that’s because it’s the only way art retains the emotionally nourishing “chi-force” of the artists animation by great spirit and as such is much more potent to heal, connect inspire, to balance and energize. To heal it to make happy. That is the art doing its organic function.

I’d like to here be apart of a change how artists are remunerated. (And everyone is an artist in their own right me thinks)

So this here is an experiment in that direction. [and even if your think my stuff is complete shit, perhaps you will still donate to support such a noble cause of social evolution.


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