Did you hear about the Origami artist that took up Buddhism
to practice the 8-fold path?
- H


“We’re all just walking
each other home.”
- Ram Dass

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Welcome to Blog

Hey  there sentient being and WELCOME to my Blog –

My very very first blog –
My Maiden Blog as it were …

and while I already feel more youthful envisioning being able to say in earnest  …. ”I have my own blog” and “sorry I can’t right now, … I need to write my Blog” … and “In my blog the other day I said blog blog blog ….” 

Truth is …..  I’m not a blogger type guy …
I am like a one liner guy.

“If you’re not part of the solution, keep stirring.”  -H

That’s more my speed.
Its much less commitment – like a conceptual one night stand ….
get a laugh…. Maybe…. Get deep perhaps, or get weird and then keep moving …

Much less messy than a blog… with archives … and images …  oy vey ….
and the official pressure of having to say something blog worthy.

I have never read a blog, I looked at a few but was too ADHD to read it,
….  I liked some of the pictures…..

But then again, I do digress, as this is suppose to be a warm greeting with clear message that despite how